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shy bunny is a store that exists for making you feel comfy & soft
i hope you like the items i make with all my love ..

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i'm melissa middlepot, i want to make people smile with my work, i always try my best ..
please don't hesitate to contact me for any reason !

this store is full of unique handmade items made with lots of different techniques.
some items may be out of stock and will be removed from the site, but i can make more if you are interested in something specific. i can also make some exclusive things by commission !
i love packaging and writing letters, so i always make the cutest packages + write a letter + send stationery gifts to you
i usually send stickers, paper dolls, letter paper.. ! the more you buy the more gifts you receive, even some extra items.
i will also send a caring manual for the more delicate items.

please check the "important info" page for details about how to get some good discounts, shipping prices & payment methods !!