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   needle felt critters
   accessories & clothing
   embroidered items
 how to get discounts :

  if you recommend the store in your social media with a link you'll get 5% discount.
 +5% if you post pictures in the recommendation, so it will be 10% ;

  you get +5% discount for each friend that buy something and say it was recommended by you ;

  if 5 different people buy things recommended by you you'll get one free item !! yes, any item you want.

  all these discounts are relative to your next purchase, so it doesn't remain forever.

 shipping info :

  the price depends on the size of the item, how many items you want to buy at once and where you live. if you buy a few small items i can send you by letter ( the most recommended option ) ;

  usually the letter shipping price is $5 dollars ( $10 reais ). the big packaging shipping is sadly quite expensive because i live in brazil.. it's usually $30 dollars ( if you live in brazil it will be $20 reais ) ;

  if you live in brazil it will take ~1 week to arrive, but if you live in any other place it usually takes ~1 month. sometimes it can take more time, but don't worry, it always arrive at some point !!

  it never happened before, but if it takes too long and never arrive ( like 3 months ;; ) please contact me and i will surely give your money back + write a letter to say i'm sorry.. it would make me really sad so i hope it never happens.

 payment methods :

  if you live outside brazil payment must be made through paypal ( middlepot@gmail.com )

  if you live in brazil you can pay me by bank deposit ( caixa econômica ) or picpay

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